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The balcony at the White House at night
Who Are The Actual Owners Of The White House?
For many, the White House is a symbol of democracy. It’s somewhat open to the public, and the presidents who live there are tenants and caretakers on behalf of the nation.
The White House’s location was chosen by George Washington, and architect James Hoban was responsible for its construction. It was originally used as a public meeting place.
In 1961, under the Kennedy administration, Congress declared the White House a museum, which gave the National Park Service (NPS) a license to protect the building.
In addition, it gave NPS the power to raise funds to sustain the building and create educational material for guests, thereby enshrining its public nature in law.
Each new president is given an allowance to replace worn-out furnishings, make structural repairs, and redecorate, although Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan used their own money.
Due to the building’s museum status, the Committee for the Preservation of the White House must be consulted before the president or first lady can begin redecorating.