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Steven Tyler with a toothpick in his mouth
Why Steven Tyler’s Voice Sounds So Different On Dream On
Aerosmith fans noticed that Steven Tyler's voice sounds almost unrecognizable in "Dream On" compared to other Aerosmith songs, and there is a reason for this.
In the Aerosmith biography "Walk This Way," Tyler revealed that he used to be insecure about the sound of his voice, and he changed how he sang in the first few Aerosmith albums.
A producer also gave him the advice to sing differently during the recording of the band’s first album. "Dream On" is the only song where Tyler actually used his "real" voice.
This is why Tyler sounds so different on "Dream On" compared to other Aerosmith hits. Eventually, Tyler learned to embrace his vocals and got a signature style to set him apart.
According to Rock Music Revival, Steven Tyler is a tenor, the highest singing voice among males. He is also capable of reaching notes beyond his typical vocal range.
Apart from that, Tyler is known for screaming, which is known to damage vocal cords. As reported by the Wall Street Journal, he once had to undergo vocal cord surgery.