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(Original Caption) Convicted murderer Theodore Bundy made his reaction after the judge left the courtroom following a jury recommendation that he die in the electric chair. The jury had earlier found Bundy guilty of murdering two Chi Omega sorority sisters.
Why Ted Bundy Is Actually A Hero To This One Family
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Ted Bundy, the notorious serial killer, raped and killed dozens of women and girls across the U.S. in the 70s. However, it is believed he committed many more murders than those he confessed to. Before his capture and eventual execution, in a rare instance, Bundy utilized an opportunity to do some good while he was at the Green Lake in Seattle, Washington, in 1970.
This story may highlight the perils of historical inaccuracies because there appear to be different accounts of the event. True crime author Jack Rosewood claims Bundy rescued a boy, whom he did not know, from drowning at the lake, while another report says Bundy saved a girl, who happened to be the niece of his friend.
However, several other sources claimed that it was a girl, not a boy — and given the quality of the sources and the unlikelihood of Bundy saving two children at the same lake in the same year, we're inclined to rule it was a girl. Irrespective of the child’s gender, out there somewhere is a family that has one of America's worst serial killers to thank for saving a loved one.
Ted Bundy stood at the intersection of life and death in another way as well. Not only did he kill a large number of people and save a girl from drowning, but in college, Bundy took a job helping people in turmoil, as he worked at the ​​Suicide Hotline Crisis Center while studying psychology at the University of Washington.